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In time when healthy food becomes more appreciated in the world and in Serbia, sheep industry becomes more significant branch of agriculture. Also the internet as inexhaustible source of information becomes more significant for a life of a modern man. So this presentation should represent a connection between tradition and future. Accompanying the most modern trends in sheep industry, we effort to represent in the best way the today’s way of growing the svrljiska’s sheep as native breed of sheep, which you can only meet on the land of south eastern Serbia.


We are in opportunity to offer you limited number of lamb svrljiska’s breed. The lamb are “seasonable” product, they aren’t present through all year, so don’t let that you stay without your specimen. You’ll have to wait all year!

Hurry and assure you and your family unique pleasure in recognizable taste of svrljiska’s lamb. Notify us and assure your own svrljiska’s lamb.

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