Breed of sheep Svrljiska Pramenka

Svrljiska Pramenka is a sheep of combined attributes, what means that she is as much good for producing milk, meat and wool.
This kind of sheep was created in Svrljig, but it’s grown mostly in south eastern Serbia.



Svrljiska’s sheep belongs in massive pramenkas – body weight of adult breeding sheep is about 60 kilograms, and in fattening it can be 80 kilograms. Breeding tugs of svrljiska’s breed weight about 80 kilograms, and in fattening about 100 kilograms.
The head of svrljiska’s sheep is overgrown with wool, so that it covers the face which is with black spots, ears are black or white with black spots. Tugs are pollard or horned.
Body is cylinder shaped, whole covered in wool dirtily white-yellow colored, which comes from tallow glands.
Legs are also covered in wool, especially with tugs, but with the sheep less.
Tail is long, which is a breed distinction, and a sign of lactose.


Svrljiska’s sheep is modest, tough and resistant. She produces excellent products although she is on summer on pasture and on winter on hay. Svrljiska’s sheep lambs once a year an just only one or two lamb, and then she is being mused. Lactose is about 150 liters in lactation which lasts over 150 days.
Lamb on birth weights about 3.5 kilograms and in three months 25-30 kilograms.
It belongs in massive pramenkas.
The lamb could be achieved three times in two years if thee sheep aren’t mused, with improved nutrition.






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